What are the UsaPerfumeWholesale.Com business hours?

We are an online store open 24/7, so you can purchase from us at any given time!

How to get in touch with UsaPerfumeWholesale.Com?

You can get in touch via the email at Info@UsaPerfumeWholesale.Com . We are monitoring that address all the time to make sure that we reply as fast as possible.

Is UsaPerfumeWholesale.Com secured?

Yes, we use the latest security technologies such as SSL to ensure your protection online.

How do you use customer information?

We are not selling or trading customer information. We will only provide it to the authorities upon request.

Do you store credit card info?

We don’t. We are just getting access to the last digits in case we need to process a refund.

Can I get free shipping?

We provide Free Shipping in New Jersey for any order over $99 before taxes and discount codes.

How fast can I get the item?

We ship the items within 1-2 business days.

What about international shipping?

We offer international shipping on large orders, get in touch with us before order please.

Is it possible to save money on a large order?

Yes, we can offer a bulk purchase discount, all you need is to contact our team and let us know what to do in order to assist.

What about any questions?

Contact us at any given time via our email at Info@UsaPerfumeWholesale.Com, we reply within 1-3 hours, rarely we will take up to 24 hours to reply based on the situation.

What shipping methods are you using?

We are using Own Trucking, Freight, UPS, FedEx Smart Post and USPS Parcel.

Can I receive an order confirmation when the order is placed?

Yes, you are getting a copy of the order via email. You should check the Email Junk if it doesn’t arrive within a few minutes. In case the email does not arrive at all, contact us and we will get it sorted out.

Is it possible for me to track my order?

Every order has tracking numbers, which means you will be able to track the current order location as you see fit.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, if we deliver by truck we accept COD and checks as well.

Is it possible to leave a note to the shipping company about the order?

We can’t do that on our own, however but once you have an order tracking number from us you can get in touch with the shipping company and they will be able to take any special requests. So while we can’t provide special guidelines, once we share the order number you can share those guidelines with the company if you want to.

What is the return policy?

All the UsaPerfumeWholesale sales are final, we are not accepting returns or exchanges. The only situation when we are ok with returns is in case we shipped the wrong item, in that case you will have a full refund within 1-3 days.


What is the difference between Eau de Cologne, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Perfume?

It all comes down to the oil concentration. The oils are called juice. The highest concentration is in the Perfume, then you have the Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne. The more juice the fragrance has, the more it will last. That’s why you need to acquire a perfume for the most intense result.

Why is that some fragrances last more than others?

This can differ based on skin type too. If you have dry skin the fragrance will not last as much as you want. People with an oily skin will have natural moisture and that holds in the fragrance. The PH levels will vary from person to person, which means your PH will influence fragrance absorption too.

Is it possible to make your scent last more time?

You could try to layer your fragrance, Use the fragrance bath gel, powder or moisturizer and then you can go with the Eau de Toilette, Parfum or Cologne. It’s also a good idea to apply the fragrance on the lower side of your body, as well as the neck and ears. The scent will rise and it will still be there. Light sprays on the hair are particularly durable, if you want to achieve such a result.

Is there a difference between splashing and spraying?

The fragrance is not affected, the application will be different. The spray bottle will last for more time. Choosing between either spray or splash is up to you, there are no major implications here.

Why is it that some men wear after shave and others opt for cologne?

Cologne fragrances are known to last longer. But most men chose to wear for both, since you get facial benefits and a great scent too, so there’s a win-win situation either way.

Do fragrances have alcohol?

Yes, and the reason is because fragrances emanate from your skin thanks to alcohol. Otherwise no one would feel the fragrance smell.

Is there any difference between the after shave balm, lotion or gel?

The lotion will sting because it helps close the pores. Gels soothe the skin and cool it down, while also offering razor burn relief. The balm is designed to soothe the skin.

What is the shower gel?

This is actually soap provided in a different format. It can be used by men and women alike, it delivers foam and then it offers the desired fragrance. The thing to note is that it boosts the power of your perfume or cologne by making it last longer.

What are the fragrance notes?

The fragrances have different scents and each scent is called a note. Bottom notes contain heavy ingredients and last for a few hours. Middle notes will last for an hour or more, while the top notes will last for 5-10 minutes at most.

How can you maintain your fragrance quality?

You need to keep it in a place that’s away from sun exposure. You need to put it in a dry area. If the bottle was already opened, keep it in its box.

What is a tester?

Testers are authentic, original and fresh fragrances. But the reason why they are called testers is because they are designed to let people check out the fragrance and see if they like it before they buy. Testers can come in a plain box, or they can have fancy packaging. Most of them don’t have decorative packaging, so they can be acquired at a lower cost.

What does "unboxed" mean?

Unboxed means that the product box was damaged in transit and it had to be removed. The fragrance and bottle are not damaged, only the box was damaged. As a result, these products are sold for less and the savings are passed down to you since you get this at a lower price!